Introduction to deep learning
for professional software developers and engineers.
Deep Learning for Developers


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Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University; a decade of experience teaching scientific Python in Academia and Industry.


Software developers and engineers interested in a pratctial introduction to deep learning.


An introduction to data processing, analysis, and visualization with Python combined with a primer in deep learning with neural networks.


16-24 hours of interactive sessions.

Hands-on approach

Instruction with code. Built-in exercises and problems. Laptops open with source code throughout all sesssions. Homework assignments for deep recitation.

Python, Keras & Jupyter

Coding in Python, inside interactive Jupyter notebooks, using Keras, a popular deep learning library.


What to expect and what's expected.

  • Day 1

    Intro to Neural Networks

    Understanding the math behind neural networks using Python and its scientific stack.

  • Day 2

    Feed forward, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks

    Training and using neural networks using Python, TensorFlow, and Keras.

  • Prerequisites

    Mainly coding skills

    Experience in software development (not necessarily Python) and a basic understanding of statistics, linear algebra, and calculus (BSc in exact sciences or similar).

  • Setup

    Install Pyton on your laptop

    Install the Anaconda with Python 3 Distribution for free.

  • Preparation

    Read and exercise

    Do some preliminary reading (2-3 hours) and exercises (3-4 hours after each day) at home or the office.

About me

Yoav Ram, PhD

I'm an assistant professor at Tel Aviv University. I was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and earned my PhD in Mathematical & Computational Biology from Tel Aviv University. I've been teaching Python in Academia and Industry since 2011, including at Tel Aviv University, IDC Herzliya, Applied Materials, Intuit, and KLA.

I enjoy solving and communicating complex problems and ideas. I develop and deliver Python programming workshops focused on numerical, scientific, and statistical applications in Israel, California, and anywhere else I'm needed - and now also on Zoom.

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